Organization Lays Body Bags in Front of Dallas Police Headquarters Calling for Change

20 body bags representing 20 people killed by police officers in the line of duty

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A moving and emotional display of grief outside Dallas Police headquarters Thursday evening.

20 body bags laid on the ground. They were labeled with the name County Coroner and bullet holes in the bags.

The organization Mothers Against Police Brutality held the sunset vigil for 20 people killed in officer-involved shootings. 

Their loved ones wanting a deeper investigation and changes in police policy. 

Mothers Against Police Brutality co-founder John Fullinwider read some of the names the bags represented.

"Clinton Allen 25-year-old African American father of two toddlers," Fullinwider said. "Derrick Jones. He's a veteran in uniform. Gerardo Pinedo. He was a kid, a teenage kid. Behind every statistic is a person with a family."

Families like Dorothy Davis. Her son, Bertrand Davis, was shot and killed by police back in 2015.

"We are fighting for justice for our children," Davis said.

She came to the vigil in honor of her son, but it’s hard on her emotionally.

"Words cannot explain what I see,” Davis said. “But I can tell you what I feel. I feel hurt. I mean very painful just to sit here imagining this is my son's body."

Along with remembering, Mothers Against Police Brutality is advocating for deeper investigations into these police shootings and changes in the use of deadly force police policy.

"If the person is unarmed don't shoot,” Fullinwider said. “If the person is trying to withdraw or flee don't shoot. If the person is sitting in a stalled car don't shoot at a parked car."

Dallas police said their policy already prohibits shooting into a moving or fleeing car unless necessary to prevent injury or death.   

These organizers know these are harsh images to see but know they must be seen.

Photos: Organization Lays Body Bags in Front of Dallas Police Headquarters Calling for Change

"We want them to see the hurt and pain each day that we go through."

They hope for change so other families won't face the real thing.

"Very painful because I know it's real and it shouldn't be happening."

Dallas police also added about their policy that protection of human life is a primary goal of the department. A spokesperson said police officers have a responsibility to use only the degree of force necessary to protect and preserve life.

To learn more about Mothers Against Police Brutality click here.

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