Police Investigating Officer-Involved Shooting in South Oak Cliff

An officer fired his gun at a driver attempting to run down two officers in Southeast Oak Cliff Saturday night, police say.

The incident happened at about 6:45 p.m. on the 2700 block of Custer Drive just off Sunnyvale Street.

While running license plates in the area, two officers got a hit on a stolen vehicle, according to Deputy Chief Paul Stokes. 

Officers turned around to approach the vehicle but lost sight of it. As they searched the area for the stolen SUV, the officers traveling eastbound found the vehicle traveling westbound on Custer.

The officer got out to plan their approach of the vehicle, according to Stokes, but the driver revved the engine and accelerated toward the officers.

One officer dove back into the patrol car while the other shot into the oncoming vehicle, according to Stokes.

The driver hit the officer's door and drove away.

Moments later, that vehicle was found in the 4200 block of Bigelow. Officers, K9s and a helicopter were used to search for the driver and occupant(s), but they remain at large, according to Stokes.

Police said the officers were not injured, but were not certain about the condition of the driver and occupant.

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