Oasis at Joe Pool Lake Closed Because of Flooded Parking Lot

Memorial Day weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the year at the Oasis restaurant at Joe Pool Lake. But this weekend, they are closed. The parking lot is completely flooded.

"Nothing I can do about it. I have to roll with it," said owner Larry Walker.

He and his staff will take a big hit. No tips for servers and the bands won't be playing.

"This is a $100,000 plus weekend," he added.

There are boats docked at the marina, so crews spent the day building a temporary walkway. It runs the length from the marina, to where the water ends. The boaters will be able to use that to get to their boats

"We bought the boat in October, put it out here. We had it out twice in May and you can't even get to it," said boat owner Steve Kuykendall.

Today, some boaters used a small boat in the parking lot to check on their boats.

"Boats are safe. The water will go down at some point. They are getting the bridge for us so hopefully some people will be able to salvage the weekend," said Stephen Lindsey of Mansfield.

Meanwhile, Walker is hoping to get his restaurant reopened soon. There is no date yet, he has to wait for the water in the lot to recede.

"All of the other lakes, they have gone down super low. We have never had a water issue here so water in the parking lot, we are going to have to live with it," he said.

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