Oak Cliff Neighbors Blame New Wall for ‘Lake' on Their Street

Neighbors in Oak Cliff say weekend storms left a 'lake' on their street

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This weekend's storms caused big problems for some Oak Cliff neighbors.

They woke up with what they describe as a lake at the end of their street.

Residents said it was all avoidable.

A new wall along I-35 near Illinois Avenue is supposed to protect people who live next to it.

Instead, neighbors on Guthrie Street said the wall has put them in harm’s way.

Vladimir Rodriguez said he woke up Saturday morning to flooding in his mom’s bedroom and their carport under several feet of water.

“I felt like I was in a lake. The water was all the way into my house, into the property. I didn't know what to do,” Rodriguez said.

Cell phone video shows his street and the front yards of several homes underwater, too.

It was so high, 69-year-old Delia Olivo and her family evacuated.

“It was stressful because in my house, it’s just me, my daughter and three grandkids,” Olivo said.

The problem, they said, is a TxDOT project to widen I-35. Neighbors said a construction company finished the wall to block noise and protect homes about a month ago, In the process, they said tunnels used to carry stormwater away from homes were covered up.

“All the water, when it rains to that extent of 3-6 inches overnight, it all accumulated right here and it made a little lake right here at the end of this street,” Olivo said.

A room inside of Rodriguez's home is soaked. Outside, he said four of his vehicles and an air-conditioning unit are destroyed.

“A lot of damage,” he said.

Now, Rodriguez and Olivo said their hope is that something is done before the next storm hits.

TxDOT tells NBC 5, "We were notified of the issue, we have been in contact with the resident and will make any necessary repairs if warranted."

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