North Texas Republicans React to Trump's RNC Acceptance Speech

The Republican National Convention convention is getting mixed reviews from North Texas Republicans, who watched the final night of the convention on the big screen at Studio Movie Grill in Dallas Thursday night.

"I think there's been a lot worse in the past," said Paul Smith, who supported Donald Trump in the primaries. "Got to have a little drama right, little intrigue."

"I think it's been very positive," said Charles Walker, who supported Ted Cruz. "It's been good."

"There were bumps, but you expect that with a lot of things that are not scripted, unscripted, and that seems to be the way Donald Trump operates best: unscripted," said Dwight Stagner, who also supported Trump in the primaries.

The watch party was hosted by conservative talk radio station 660 AM The Answer.

"If the measure of it is 'are people paying attention to the party's message,' I think that's an undeniable yes," said talk show host Mark Davis, who says the convention was a success.

Some worry party unity may remain elusive after Sen. Ted Cruz failed to endorse Trump.

"I expected him to get behind the party," said former Cruz supporter Paula Land. "This is one of the times where your pride can't get in the way. What's best for the country has to come first."

Trump's acceptance speech got high marks from supporters.

"I think he's doing good, starting to add more and more specifics about his plan and his vision, and that's what it he needs to do," said Mike Keck, a former Cruz supporter who's now behind Trump.

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