North Texas Nurseries Digging the Nice Weather

Nurseries across Dallas and Fort Worth are seeing green again thanks to sunny skies and mild temperatures. With the nice spring weather, gardening sales skyrocketed over the weekend.

“It’s beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold,” said Dallas resident Molly Russell. “I really enjoy gardening when it’s pretty like this outside.”

People itching to get their hands dirty flocked to area nurseries over the weekend to stock up on plants, mulch and gardening tools.
“This is what we wait for, boom, for it to hit and once it hits we hope it stays,” said Todd Grimmett, manager of the Lowe’s on Lemmon Avenue and Inwood Road.
Grimmett said nursery sales were up 215 percent Saturday compared to the same time last year.
“We’ve had the worst winter in 30 years so everybody has been waiting for the warm weather and yesterday was the first Saturday that it was nice,” said Grimmett. 
Now, Grimmett just hopes the mild weather is here to stay.
“There’s been times where we get another cold snap and we hope that it’s gone because it kills our business,” Grimmett said.
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