North Texas Blood Banks in Dire Need of Donations

Hospitals are in dire need of blood donations after record breaking cold weather

NBC 5 News

Local blood banks and hospitals, including Cook Children's Medical Center, are in need of donations.

There was already a huge struggle to keep up with demand due to the prolonged pandemic and this week’s weather has only compounded the issue by having to close all blood donor centers and mobile drives earlier this week.

The community blood supply has remained at consistently lower levels this year as a result of the pandemic. The winter weather has driven it even lower.

The centers are slowly reopening, but need healthy members of the community who can safely travel to donor centers to either schedule an appointment or walk in to donate blood.

A single day without blood collections causes a huge impact on the community blood supply and there have now been multiple days without donations. Platelets are needed for cancer patients as well as children who've suffered other traumatic injuries.

All currently eligible and healthy donors schedule online for appointments starting this Friday and through the following week at available donor centers. Donations will be vitally important in replenishing the critically low blood supply.

Please keep checking our website for updates as operating hours could change quickly and with little notice.  Click here to find a donor center near you to schedule online. To find a community blood drive and easier mobile-viewing, click here. To make an appointment people can text 800-366-2834; walk-ins are also welcome.

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