North Texas Artist Find Her Voice on ‘The Voice'

Frisco, Texas is home of The Star, but not everything that glitters there is silver and blue. That was evident when Frisco native, Maelyn Jarmon, sang Sting's "Fields of Gold" on NBC's The Voice blind auditions.

"I would not be who I am had I not grown up in Frisco, Texas," said Jarmon as she recalled her audition. "I told myself, just remember what you're singing about. Right now, you're not going to try to impress them, you're going to try to make an impression."

That she did, turnig all four of the judges' chairs.

"I was like, oh my gosh! And then I was like, I have more than half a song, I'd better end this well because it's definitely going to be on air," Jarmon said laughing. "It's so weird. They're looking right at me, they're not in a wax museum. Like, that's actually them (the judges)...and I just kept telling myself, just remember, take this in."

Jarmon and her parents talked to NBC 5 from the Frisco backyard where Maelyn and her father used to play guitar and sing together when she was younger.

"This was kind of my first stage, being in a backyard," Jarmon said. "It was fun because that was kind of when I started putting my own spin on other people's songs"

"Every kid sings ABCs, but she kinda kept going, said Steve Jarmon, Maelyn's dad. "I was playing guitar, and she was singing, and it never stoppped. It never stoppped."

Jarmon's time on The Voice hasn't ended. She won her first battle round, but Jarmon said she didn't appraoch the duet as a competition.

"I wanted to show her that women don't have to be competative in this business, and that the better she would do the better I would do, and vise versa," explained Jarmon. "Really music is supposed to be love, and art, and a collaboration."

"I believe that a person is meant to do one thing in their life," said Steve Jarmon. "Anything that gets in the way of that needs to be put aside, and go after what your goals are."

Jarmon said she doesn't know how long her ride on The Voice will last, but she's going to enjoy each moment.

"So however far it takes me, I was be so grateful, no matter what," Jarmon said. 

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