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North Texans With Family Serving in Guam Ask for Prayers

Dr. Celeste Clarke hopes other North Texas families will join her in praying for those in Guam

As the conflict between the U.S. and North Korea intensifies, a North Texas family with loved ones serving in Guam is becoming increasingly worried about the threat of a missile attack on the island.

"When I initially started following the news my heart dropped," said Dr. Celeste Clarke, who lives in Frisco.

Clarke's oldest brother Charles is a Chief in the U.S. Navy and is currently serving in Guam. Charles, his wife and their two children have lived there for about three years.

Clarke said she and her entire family are incredibly proud of her brother's military service and they understand that it means he may be put in harm's way. But that doesn't make the current situation any easier for them to process.

What they're leaning on is faith.

"We're a family that's built on biblical values," said Clarke, "and our trust in God has helped us through life."

Her sister-in-law echoed as much when she spoke to Clarke on the phone from Guam Wednesday.

"I asked her if they were going to get out of there," Clarke said. "She said I have faith in God and I have faith in the military that they'll protect us. They're equipped, they're prepared."

Clarke said the phone call made her feel better — though she'll continue to pray for the safety of her family and all others affected by this crisis. She hopes other North Texas families will join her in that effort.

"Faith in God supersedes everything," said Clarke. "He'll protect you when no one else can."

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