North Mesquite HS Students Build Virtual Replica of Campus

The students spent a month building a virtual version of the North Mesquite High School campus in amazing detail

Virtual North Mesquite HS
North Mesquite High School

When schools shut down two months ago, many students were devastated.

But some tech savvy students in Mesquite have virtually re-created the campus they miss so much.

Here's what North Mesquite High School looks like in real life:

And you have to check out the virtual version a group of students built using the popular video game, Minecraft:

The game allows you to build anything you want from the ground up using endless resources.

The kids included every detail of their school, including classrooms, hallways, the gym, cafeteria and football field. You can even see classroom numbers next to the doors.

It took the students one month to create the virtual campus.

The little details include the classroom numbers. (Credit: Tyler Little Youtube)

Teacher Kim Shimpo told NBC 5 it's touching to see the care and accuracy in re-creating something the students wish they could experience again.

“I’m just in awe of their desire and dedication to create a replica of the daily world that obviously means so much to them,” Shimpo said.

“It is a tribute to how much kids need our school community and when it is all shut down and taken away, they create it again.”

Special shout out to graduating NMHS senior Tyler Little for launching the creation of their virtual school, along with developer John Linares and builders Daniel Maldonado, Daniel Garcia, Ricardo Reyes, Daniel Solorio, Angel Trujillo, Michael Andrade, Jorge Villalobos, Jorge Garcia, Eduardo Solorio, Jeff Andrade, Ximena Resendiz, Bryan Solis, Cesar Munoz and Andrew Flores.

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