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North Dallas Without Power, But Not Powerless After Fierce Storm

Many across Dallas spent their Monday cleaning up after Sunday's fierce storm.

"Things were flying through the air and there was hail," said Tim Morgan.

Strong wind gusts knocked down power lines and mangled trees near Hillcrest and Alpha. Spectrum crews sat in trucks, waiting on Oncor to fix its toppled poles so they could restore service.

"It was the worst I've ever seen. It was scary," said Connie Schultz, a Northwood Hills resident. "We all thought it was a tornado. We were like why are the sirens not going off?"

Her North Dallas neighborhood was one of the hardest hit. Like many residents, Schultz took matters into her own hands when it came to cleanup. She broke out her John Deer tractor and got to work, clearing broken branches from her fallen 100-year-old tree.

"There's my husband loading up the big stuff, but I've just been loading up debris and carrying it up," she said.

She even borrowed her 10-year-old's helmet for safety.

"You can look up and see there's some still in the trees that haven't fallen down yet and I don't want to get hit," she said.

Her neighbors are so dealing with damage, from uprooted monsters in backyards to unstable limbs out front.

"We feel very fortunate, we had no roof damage, there were some neighbors who had trees fall on their house," Morgan said.

We found one of those homes a few blocks over.

"I knew something had happened but I wasn't sure what.. then I saw the tree," said Rose Harp, another a Northwood Hills resident.

Part of Harp's upstairs collapsed onto her master bedroom, but fortunately she and another person inside made it out safely.

"Shock, you're still shocked and just thinking about how it's going to take a long time to rebuild, but we all want to try to do that, even at my age you want too," she said.

Her neighbors grabbed hammers and secured her doors. She said she's incredibly grateful for their kindness.

"Three teenage boys, two wives and two husbands, they came and did the job," she said.

Also boarded up - the nearby Fretz Park Branch Library. It's temporarily closed, due to shattered glass. There's similar damage at BancorpSouth by Banner Drive and the High 5. Crews there are working to cover several windows blown out, several stories high.

So what happens to all of the storm debris? The city of Dallas will pick it up in place of regular bulk trash through July, as long as it's separated from trash.

Anyone who comes across a downed limb or power line is urged to call 311 or report it through the app, Our Dallas.

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