Newy Scruggs' Family Shares Their Pet Adoption Story

Scruggs adopts Rosie "Ro-Ro" during Clear the Shelters event three years ago

At her home in Colleyville, Rosie the rescue dog is surrounded by a family who loves to spoil her just a few years after she was found on the side of the road in Irving covered in scars.

“Do we have any doggie ice cream?” asked Lainie Scruggs while standing in her kitchen during lunchtime.

Rosie’s family also includes a well-known guy on NBC 5. Their father is NBC 5 Sports Director Newy Scruggs.

“He works on the sports and some people do the sports with him,” Sophie Scruggs said.

After three years of loving Rosie, and living with her, Sports Director Newy Scruggs says Rosie is patient and supportive. The first time he saw her, he knew she belonged in his family.

“It’s not about you. It’s about Ro-Ro,” Newy said to Sophie while joking during lunch.

An active member of their household, Rosie is a peacekeeper, protector, and entertainer — with only one flaw, which comes out during puppy naptime.

“She snores really loud,” Savannah said, but they still love her no matter what.

Newy’s wife, Lainie, and their daughters adore Rosie, or Ro-Ro, as Newy calls her.

“And she’s very sweet and she gives us happiness,” Sophie, their youngest daughter, said.

“She was just a really good dog,” Savannah, the oldest daughter, said.

“She’s the best dog. She’s a diamond. She’s always been, ever since the day she came to our house,” Sierra said.

Rosie was a so-called diamond in the rough.

“She had a very, very rough life before she came into our house,” Sienna said.

Rosie was found on the side of a freeway in Irving. Sienna said she counted 36 scars on Rosie's body when they found her.

“She was out on the streets and she got scars from the gates and stuff,” Savannah said.

“That made my heart feel empathy for her. And that made me realize I’m gonna take care of this dog with all the love I have,” Sienna said.

After three years of loving Rosie, and living with her, the Scruggs family said Rosie is patient and supportive.

“She’s really friendly and she likes to be around you,” Savannah said.

“And she also sometimes gives me a kiss,” Sophie said.

But they’ve learned there is one thing she just doesn’t like: “The bath, especially, she doesn’t like water,” Savannah said. “She won’t go swimming.”

“If she really stinks we’ll give her a bath,” Sienna said. “Which we all know is, oh my gosh, she does not like them.”

But, it has to happen. Even though Rosie hates it, tub-time is a bit of a luxury compared to the life she had before finding her forever family. And because of how much love Rosie has given in return, the Scruggs family continues to be proud to promote pet adoption.

“I think they know that you’ve rescued them,” Lainie said. “And so they give back way more than what you give them.”

“She’s always grateful to us and wherever you are she wants to be,” Newy said. “And that’s been probably the best thing about having her here.”

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