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New not-for-profit medical center opens in area of need in southern Dallas County

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In Lancaster, at 1120 Randlett Street, sits the home of southern Dallas County’s newest healthcare facility.

The St. Paul Medical Clinic is a not-for-profit facility bringing low-cost family medical care to the area.

"We'll be doing general medical care, women's health, and eventually once we can recruit a pediatrician, pediatrics," Dr. Jeffery Thompson said.

"They can come in and have all the services they need,” Dr. Mayra Jimenez Thompson added. “The exam, the laboratory testing done, and their prescriptions given to them at no cost. There will be a very low cost for the office visit."

The Thompsons are a husband-and-wife team volunteering their time and services for the clinic inside Lancaster's St. Vincent Center. 

He's a kidney specialist and she's a board-certified OB-GYN. After 40 years of medical service and private practices in Dallas, they wanted to give back in an area lacking adequate medical care for people who are under or uninsured.

"It's an area that for many practical reasons is a medical desert,” Mayra said. “There's no other facilities here."

"Combination of great need medically speaking and lack of access sort of pointed us here,” Jeffery said. “So, this is an area where life expectancy is lower than on average."

Along with medical care, they will also provide health awareness.

"So, what we want to do is to educate them on how to limit the progression of those diseases,” Mayra said. “Perhaps educate their family so they don't have these illnesses consistently affect their families."

The Thompsons are hoping to make a real difference in a community they were compelled to help.

"The love of Christ impels us to do this and so that's why we're here," Jeffery said.

The Thompsons will open the clinic two days a month with hopes of growing their staff and services to eventually open six days a week.

The clinic officially opens Wednesday, Nov. 15.

Patients must register and pre-qualify for all appointments. To register click here.

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