New ‘Joker' Coaster Stops Again, No Rescue Needed

Some frighting moments for people on board the new "Joker" roller coaster Monday afternoon when the ride stopped briefly at the top of the lift.

NBC 5 viewers started calling the newsroom around 5:30 p.m. reporting that the new ride was once again stuck.

Video from NBC 5 viewers shows one of the cars not moving towards the top of the lift.

NBC 5 reached out to Six Flags Over Texas. Representative Sharon Parker confirms that the ride did briefly stop at the top of the lift, but was quickly reset and resumed operation. She adds that all of the roller coasters are equipped with hundreds of sensors that monitor every aspect of the ride.

It was early Saturday morning when a group of high school seniors were on the same ride when one of the carts became stuck on the track.

Crews from the Arlington Fire Department spent more than three-and-a-half hours working to rescue everyone from the ride early Saturday.

Six Flags Over Texas says a strong head wind on Saturday morning caused the ride to shut down.

"The Joker" is now back up and running on a regular schedule.

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