New Details Released About Plano Mass Shooting

New information has been released about the the mass shooting in Plano that left nine people dead, including the suspected shooter.

The shooting took place on Sept. 10 as friends gathered to watch a football game at a home on West Spring Creek Parkway.

Spencer Hight, the estranged husband of one of the victims — Meredith Hight — was seen at a bar near the home before the killings, according to search warrants obtained by NBC 5.

Two bartenders reported seeing Spencer Hight with a knife and pistol, and he was asked to put the weapons in his car. When a bartender walked him outside, he was reportedly told by Hight to turn away so he didn't see what was in Hight's trunk.

Shortly afterwards, police believe Spencer Hight shot and killed eight people.

He was then fatally shot by a responding officer.

According to documents, Spencer Hight was found with a rifle in a sling across his body, a handgun in his waistband tucked into his pants and a large knife.

Detectives also found numerous rounds of ammunition and magazines inside the home.

At his apartment, investigators seized hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a high-powered munition launcher, a rifle, marijuana and mushrooms.

The documents also detail a first-hand account of the shootings from a 23-year-old woman who was at the home at the time.

The woman told investigators she was in the backyard when she saw Spencer Hight shooting inside the home.

She said she heard the man's estranged wife, Meredith Hight, ask him, "Did you really have to do this?" followed by more gunfire.

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