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NBC 5 Responds Helps After Laptop Repair Takes Several Weeks

Your computer can be your lifeblood these days. When it breaks down, you feel lost.

Michael Bruner’s laptop was just a year old when his hard drive went out.

He already bought a 3-year extended warranty. So, he wasn't worried when he took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

They promised he'd get it back soon, with regular status updates.

A week later he got an email that said he had to pay for the repair.

He reminded them of the warranty but then got a message saying his laptop was being shipped back soon.

After more time passed, he was told other things were broken and they needed parts.

This kept going on weeks.

Bruner visited the store, talked to managers, and documented everything.

This all started in late August and by the beginning of October he still had no laptop, so he called NBC 5 Responds.

We called Best Buy and they apologized saying "We always want to provide a great customer experience but in this instance with Mr. Bruner we came up short."

They refunded him the original cost of the laptop -- $1,550. Problem solved.

We helped Michael get back on track, and if you're caught up in a consumer problem, we can help you too.

NBC 5 Responds solves problems every day for you.

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