Mother Warns Shoppers After Violent Robbery

A North Texas mother is warning shoppers after she was violently robbed outside of Fort Worth's Ridgmar Mall.

Fort Worth police confirm Wanda House left the mall last Thursday and was  robbed in the parking lot near Dillard's Department Store.

"I never saw him coming. I never saw him going and that's the scariest part," House said.

House, who's now at home recovering, sustained multiple injuries in the attack.

She said the man tackled her from behind and ran off with her purse.

"I almost broke my collarbone. He threw me to the ground. Knocked my pelvis out of alignment and knocked a rib out of place," said House. "I just want women to know, don't carry your purse. You can never be too careful. Your purse is a target. There are predators who are watching us."

House said she parked her car underneath a light near the building. Police said the robbery took place at 6 p.m. Thursday.

House said she did not get a visual of her attacker, who remains at-large.

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