Hispanic Heritage Month

Mexican Restaurant Celebrates 104 Years as Hispanic Heritage Month Kicks Off

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A line of customers anxiously awaited to get inside El Fenix in downtown Dallas Thursday to help celebrate its 104th anniversary.

A historic Mexican restaurant for Dallas and for long-time employee Mr. Frank Arechiga.

"50 years, six months, and 12 days," said cashier Frank Arechiga about how long he’s worked at El Fenix.

He credits his longevity and El Fenix's long history in town due to them operating on true Hispanic heritage which he said is family.

"Try to be like a family,” Arechiga said. “I treat them good, respect them, and they respect you."

This celebration of family, food, and fun is happening on the same day the city of Dallas kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month at Dallas City Hall.

Dallas City Council member Jaime Resendez explained why this month is important.

"It's important to honor the diversity in our community and this month being Hispanic Heritage Month it's great to acknowledge the contributions the Hispanic community has made to our city," Dallas City Council Member Jaime Resendez said.

Contributions like showing hard work can lead to success.

"In 1985 I started working at Galleria Mall as a bus boy," El Fenix General Manager Gabriel Padilla said.

Over the years Padilla has worked his way up from bus boy to now a general manager.

Padilla says celebrating Hispanic heritage and history this month, and every day for him is something he's glad to be able to share with customers that have been coming for generations.

"I hear a lot of history, you know like my father used to bring me over here and my grandfather used to bring me over here. It's a big tradition. It's like a big family we have over here," Padilla said.

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