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Man Who Recorded City Workers Paving Private Driveway is Longtime City Hall Critic

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Bob Willoughby of Fort Worth often shows up at City Hall to complain about wrongdoing and misplaced priorities and has run unsuccessfully for city council four times himself. But he couldn't believe what he saw up the street from his East Fort Worth home one day last week -- proof of the waste he's talked about for years.

So he grabbed his camera and started rolling.

He recorded four city water department employees using city equipment and supplies to pave a neighbor’s private driveway.

"They noticed me right away,” he said Thursday. “And they didn't seem too pleased to see me but I went ahead and filmed them and kind of walked around and filmed."

“Are you with the water department?” he asked.

They grudgingly answered yes, he said, and kept on working.

Their truck was clearly marked with the city logo.

He sent the video to city council members and others.

The water department director wasted little time, suspending the four workers, and was in the process of firing them when they suddenly resigned.

"We really appreciate the citizen for coming forward with the video,” said water department spokeswoman Mary Gugliuzza. “This was definitely not correct and we take that very seriously.”

She said the water department has now turned the case over to police for possible criminal charges.

Willoughby, a retired concert promoter, said he's satisfied with how the water department handled his complaint.

"They did an excellent job,” he said.

It's unclear if there's some connection between the homeowner whose driveway was paved and the city workers.

Nobody answered a knock on the front door.

The fresh asphalt was visible in the brand new driveway.

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