Fort Worth

4 Fort Worth City Employees Resign Amid Probe Into Paving of Private Driveway

City says the workers were caught on video doing a private job

Four city of Fort Worth Water Department employees have resigned after they were caught on video paving a private driveway, the city announced Wednesday.

The employees were facing disciplinary action and had been placed on administrative leave before they resigned, the city said in a news release on its website.

The city said it started the investigation after a neighbor contacted them and shared a video showing the city workers using city equipment to pave someone’s driveway.

“When we received the video from a resident, we immediately initiated an investigation that included interviewing the customer who had the driveway paved as well as the crew involved in the paving,” Water Director Chris Harder said in the statement.

The water department shared its findings with police, spokeswoman Mary Gugliuzza said.

Gugliuzza said she had no information on who the homeowner was whose driveway was paved or his possible connection to the workers.

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