Man Recorded Stealing $5K Saddle From Barrel Racer's Trailer

Woman unable to compete in weekend barrel racing event; theft recorded on video

A woman is asking for the public’s help sharing video of a stranger she says stole a saddle worth $5,000.

Alishea Broussard told NBC 5 she and her husband arrived in Dallas to compete in a barrel racing event Sunday evening at Fair Park.

As her husband sat inside the trailer that housed her horse tack, Broussard unloaded a bail of grains to feed her horses.

When she returned, her saddle was missing.

“The trailer was parked 100-feet from the horse barn. I took my horses’ grain there and dumped it and came back,” Broussard said.

In surveillance video provided by Broussard, a man is seen walking up to her trailer, grabbing the saddle and then placing it on his bike.

“My husband was sitting in the trailer when it happened,” said Broussard. “We have 15 barrel horses. Ranging from $70,000-$200,000 each. We do this professionally, so that saddle meant a lot."

Because her equipment was stolen, Broussard was unable to compete in the race.

“We’re hoping if it gets out there enough, someone will know who this guy is,” Broussard said.

Before heading back home to Louisiana, Broussard and her husband visited local pawn shops but were unsuccessful in finding the saddle.

In a post on Facebook, Broussard described the saddle as "dark rough out Double J Pro w a Tan elephant seat and tan buckstitch."

Broussard said she and her husband have filed a police report and are hoping for good news.

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