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Man Pulls Gun on Wrong Driver After Hit-and-Run, Arrested

Driver faces deadly conduct charge after his gun goes off during a road rage confrontation

NBC 5 News

A man whose vehicle was reportedly struck in a hit-and-run Saturday is facing a deadly conduct charge after pulling a gun on the wrong driver, Southlake police say.

According to Southlake Police, 44-year-old Adrian Hill and his family were stopped at the intersection of W. Kirkwood Boulevard and Texas 114 shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday when his vehicle was struck by a dark-colored SUV.

Hill's wife called 911, police said, and he followed the SUV but lost sight of the vehicle when it turned onto Stockton Drive.

Moments later, Hill located what he thought was the same SUV parked in a driveway. Police said he parked his vehicle in the driveway, grabbed his gun, and approached the driver as a man and woman exited the SUV.

The driver saw the man coming toward him with a gun and pulled out a pocket knife. The men began scuffling, resulting in both of them suffering minor injuries.

At some point, Hill's gun was fired toward the SUV and the couple's home, but no one was hit.

Adrian Hill
Southlake Police, NBC 5 News
Adrian Hill, mugshot

Police were called to the scene and determined that the man and woman at the residence were not involved in the hit-and-run and that they were not in the area of Kirkwood and 114 when the crash occurred.

The vehicle believed to have been involved in the hit-and-run has not been located.

Hill was arrested and charged with deadly conduct. It's not clear if he's obtained an attorney.

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