Memorial Day

Lake Businesses Prepare for Memorial Day Weekend

For the first time since the pandemic began, many places are operating on Memorial Day weekend at full capacity

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Businesses along lakes across North Texas are gearing up for what's expected to be a busy Memorial Day weekend.

Like so many places, sales were slow during the early stages of the pandemic at Augie’s Sunset Café on Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth. Long-time employee Charlotte South is also the sister of the café owner, and she said business has recently started to pick back up.

“It just wasn’t normal, so we’re really excited about this weekend getting started. We’re going to have bands starting tonight throughout the weekend,” South told NBC 5 Friday.

The staff has been hard at work making sure they are prepared for the weekend, South said. They are currently operating at full capacity.

“We have an overstock of everything. We have a big truck with all of our food in it, a refrigerated truck,” she said. “So, we’re ready.”

Tammy Smith has lived along the lake for 15 years and for her, a visit to Augie’s Sunset Café never gets old.

“We’re really excited to get the kids out on the water. We’ve already been tubing with them and being stuck in the house forever, it’s time to get back out and enjoy life,” Smith said. “That’s why we couldn’t wait. We got out as soon as possible today.”

While long-time and regular customers have supported the café during the pandemic, South said a business like theirs depends on lake traffic. This includes people who come to the lake to boat or fish, she said.  

“We have a lot of other people on the lake now that are open, so I hope it’s going to be a good year for all of us,” South said.

Nearby, William Smith with Eagle Mountain Tackle & Bait said they also expect a rush of customers this weekend and have restocked their inventory. Smith said their business didn’t take much of a hit during the pandemic, as many people were looking for activities that could be done socially distanced such as fishing.

However, Smith said they were set back by the past winter.

“We want people to come out and fish and enjoy themselves and have a good time. Bring your kids, and be safe,” he said.

For more information on Eagle Mountain Lake, click here.

Days of rain left lakes across North Texas flooded and some parks, like those on Joe Pool Lake, closed as we head into Memorial Day weekend. Meredith Yeomans reports.

Days of rain left lakes across North Texas flooded and some parks, like those on Joe Pool Lake, closed.

Tables were still underwater Friday at Hidden Cove in The Colony on Lake Lewisville but the area is open to the public.

Campsites were fulling up and cabins were sold out Friday.

Jon Reich manages DFW Surf and says he's prepared for the rush this weekend.

"As a matter of fact, we've doubled up on most of our inventory just to make sure we have enough for what's coming up 'cause everyone's ready to come outside after COVID. Everyone's over it. I'm over it," Reich said.

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