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Johnson Co. Woman Swept Away by Floodwaters Remembered as ‘Loving'

A Johnson County woman whose car was swept off the road by floodwaters late Thursday night was devoted to her family, and served as a substitute teacher for several area school districts, according to her husband.

Jonathan Jones recalls the two calls he got from his wife shortly before midnight Thursday when she was on her way home from celebrating Thanksgiving with her family.

“She said that she was at this crossing right there [Rock Creek Crossing on County Road 913] and it looked pretty deep,” Jones said, “I said ok call me back if you have any problems; I didn’t know how bad it was, I hadn’t been out, hadn’t seen it. She probably called me back a minute later and said there is water coming inside the car and I said, “ok, I’m leaving right now, I’m going to hang up so I can drive.”"

It didn’t take Jones long to get to the crossing about a mile from the couple’s home.

“When I passed the ravine down by my house I knew that it was really bad, it started to take my car,” Jones said, “I had to drive through it, I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

By the time he arrived it was too late.

“It was pitch dark, the water was loud and there was nothing – all I could see was a fire truck going up that way,” Jones said, “from what I understand the fireman saw her car get washed away so he backed up and went down that street to try to follow her.”

Her car was discovered downstream, but she was not in it.

Jones helped search until 2 or 3 in the morning, and returned with emergency crews at daylight; her body was found Friday morning.

“She was a very, very loving person, she had a big heart,” Jones said.

Her passion was her family and she loved to travel, according to Jones.

“She made me a better person, and she worked for the surrounding school districts, the kids loved her and she had a great rapport with the staff,” Jones said.

“We all have our families, and every family has their struggles and challenges in life - tell all your friends and family, the ones you care about, make sure they know that you love them because I didn’t get to tell her that.. it just happened so quick,” Jones said.

A memorial is tentatively being planned for Sunday, Dec. 6th.

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