It's a Girl! Dallas Zoo Welcomes New Baby Warthog

The Dallas Zoo has welcomed a new baby female warthog named Tikiti.

The newest addition to the the warthog family was born to mom Weela and dad Toby on Feb. 17, 2023.

According to the Dallas Zoo, shortly after Tikiti was born, she was not as active as animal care team members had hoped, so the team stepped in to provide around-the-clock care so the baby girl gets everything she needs.

Dallas Zoo
Photo credit: Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo said guests may start seeing Tikiti out in the habitat at Giants of the Savanna soon.

Guests may also spot one of the zoologists out in the habitat with Tikiti as well, working to get the baby girl comfortable in the big habitat, the Dallas Zoo said.

The Dallas Zoo said in a tweet that "Tikiti" means "watermelon" in Swahili, and that zoo team members find the name fitting because the baby warthog looked like a melon when she was born.

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