‘It Felt Like a Bomb’: Celina Woman Survives Lightning Strike

A Collin County woman is recovering after being struck by lightning, she says.

It happened at her home in Celina around 7:30 Tuesday night.

Diane Saniewski said her husband and son were working on cars in their front yard when a bolt of lightning struck a transformer. She said it traveled across their home and struck her daughter, Nikki, who was standing on the back porch. Her daughter was recording video of the storm at the time.

"It felt like a bomb going off," Nikki Hastings said. "It felt like somebody burned me and picked on my bones with a pick ax."

"She video-taped it and when the lightning hit, it picked her up and threw her against the backdoor of the house approximately 12-14 foot," Saniewski said.

A Celina woman says she was struck by lightning and lived to tell the story. Video shows the moment it happened.

Hastings, who has special needs, was taken to a hospital with neck and spine injuries. She said she also feels a burning feeling throughout her body.

"Pain, her muscles are contracting and she's just crying a lot because she just can't believe she's alive," Saniewski said.

Until the incident, Hastings said she was an amateur storm follower. She said she won’t be watching storms anymore.

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