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Hugh Jackman Takes an F-16 Flight Over North Texas

For actor Hugh Jackman, the chance to suit up and fly in an F-16 fighter jet is a dream come true.

"I'm very, very excited. I'm a little nervous, but I am aware of how lucky I am to have this opportunity. I'm very grateful for it," said Jackman, who was invited Friday to the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base to take the flight.

Jackman is in North Texas promoting his upcoming film, Eddie the Eagle.

"Having this opportunity to go out in a fighter jet, which is kind of a dream of most people's life, is a little bit like what Eddie did. His dream was about to be in the Olympics, and he found about the most dangerous way to do it," Jackman said.

The film tells the story of Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards, a man who became an unlikely Olympic hero in 1988 as the first ski jumper to represent Great Britain.

"It's a story with a lot of humor and a lot of heart, some incredible visuals. You will feel like you know what it's like to ski jump off of a 300-foot cliff, and it's inspiring. It might even bring a tear to the eye, because it really touches everyone and makes you key back into what is the dream of your life, and not let anyone stop you from achieving it," said Jackman.

Jackman is embodying that once-in-a-lifetime feeling both on and off the screen.

"I love the story. I love what it had to say. I love the message that you don't have to win to be a winner in life. Your spirit, your heart, your attitude in life is key," Jackman said.

Jackman absolutely loved his flight. He was particularly proud of the fact that he didn't throw up, despite the G-forces.

His new movie, Eddie the Eagle, is set to hit theaters on Feb. 26.

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