Home Sale Prices Jump in Large Texas Markets

Home prices are going up. And that's great news if you're selling your house. The big jump we're experiencing in home sales prices across Texas translates into big money.

RealtyTrac analyzes housing data. The company took a look at March home sales, and the findings were surprising.

In some of the state's largest housing markets, home sellers are making big bucks. The data analyzes much the sales price of homes sold in March increased over the purchase price.

In Dallas-Fort Worth, homeowners owned their homes an average of seven years, and last month they sold that home for an average of almost $45,000 more than they bought it.

In Houston, homes sold for an average of $42,000 more than their original purchase price.

The gain in San Antonio was about $25,000 after an average of seven years of home ownership.

But in Austin the spike was dramatic. Homeowners owned their homes for an average of seven years and sold their houses for a whopping $83,000 dollars more than their purchase price.

If you're selling your home, you can make little improvements that increase your sales price. Consumer Reports says kitchen improvements are among those that can maximize your sales value by as much as 35 percent.

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