Holiday Hits, Week 4: A Look at the Hottest Toys of 2019

Laurie Schacht, Chief Toy Officer, of The Toy Insider gives us a list of the hottest toys of the 2019 holiday season. Each Monday in November, Schacht will introduce us to a new category of toys.

Nov. 4 – Splurge Toys

Nov. 11 - Toys Under $25

Nov. 18 - Tactile Toys

Nov. 25 - Hot Toys

Here's a look at the Hot Toys:


● This stationary, musical ride-on puppy plays songs, sounds, and educational phrases as baby bounces up and down or spins 360 degrees.
● Improves gross motor skills as baby learns how to bounce, spin, and balance on their own.
● Songs and phrases get baby moving, while teaching the alphabet, numbers, colors, and more.
● Features a sturdy base, easy-grip handles, interactive buttons, and multicolored lights.
● Ages: 12 MOS+
● MSRP: $59.99
● Available: Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart


● Be on the lookout for the Nighttime Villains with the PJ Masks PJ Seeker!
● Featuring lights, sounds, and a show-inspired design, the PJ Masks PJ Seeker can fit up to four vehicles in the detachable carrier and up to three 3-inch PJ Masks figures in the cabin.
● Spot the Nighttime Villains in the dark with the light-up searchlight. Save the day and stop them in their tracks with the disk launcher.
● Kids can even trap villains in the detachable cage.
● With the push of a button, release the Seeker’s cabin from the carrier for a quick pursuit of escaping villains.
● The PJ Seeker even features a pull-out ramp and drop-down side door.
● The set includes one 3-inch Catboy figure and mini Cat-Car. Other PJ Masks figures sold separately.
● Ages: 3+ ● MSRP: $59.99 ● Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart


● Welcome home to the LeapBuilders ABC Smart House!
● Build, create, and learn with this interactive 61-piece house-themed block set.
● Kids can use the easy-to-hold blocks to build a house and learn about the alphabet, objects around the house, colors, and shapes as they build with the electronic Smart Star cube.
● Insert the 20 double-sided learning blocks into the interactive Smart Star and it will respond with fun sounds, educational songs and phrases that enhance building play with learning content.
● For even more fun, try using learning blocks from other LeapBuilders sets in the interactive cube to unlock additional content responses.
● Ages: 18 MOS+
● MSRP: $39.99
● Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart


● Tic Tac Toy is the hottest kidfluencer to take over YouTube.
● Addy and Maya (and their parents Lucy and Jason) have entertained billions of young fans with their channel’s engaging imaginative roleplay.
● Their authentic love for all things cute, all things silly, and all things surprises is reflected in their whimsical line of girls collectibles.
● Tic Tac Toy’s XOXO Friends are packed with surprises!
● Follow the numbers marked on the boxes to unbox 8 different surprises hidden inside!
● Each XOXO Friends collectible comes with colorful wings and silly accessories that are swappable with all of the other XOXO Friends!
● Mix and match the wings and surprise accessories to create your favorite flying combinations!
● There are 12 unique Surprise Packs to collect in Series One.
● Ages: 3+
● MSRP: $3.99 (XOXO Friends Surprise Box); $9.99 (XOXO Friends Surprise Pack); $19.99 (XOXO Surprise Hugs)
● Available: Target, Walmart


● The future looks sweet with the all-new Lucky Fortune collectible bracelets from WowWee.
● Every plastic fortune cookie includes a surprise bracelet with a charm and a paper fortune for good luck.
● Crack it open to see what the future has in store for you!
● Wear your bracelet—and your luck—on your sleeve, trade to collect them all, and even give the gift of luck to a friend who needs it most!
● Each plastic Fortune Cookie contains a surprise bracelet with a unique charm and paper fortune.
● There are 4 levels of rarity: Lucky, Very Lucky, Very Very Lucky, and Ultra Lucky and there are 5 categories to collect: happiness, friendship, love, success, and adventure.
● There are 100 bracelets to find, including the Ultra Lucky real gold-dipped four-leaf clover.
● Ages: 6+
● MSRP: $3.99 (each); $11.99 (4-pack Takeout Boxes)
● Available: Amazon, Claire’s, Target, Walmart


● Blinger is the new glam styling tool that allows you to load, click, bling – hair, fashion, ANYTHING! With 75 gems included & multiple colors to choose from, Blinger makes it easy for you to glam it up and add sparkle to your life.
● The Blinger Diamond Collection is a fashionista’s dream – finally, a styling tool that allows you to add all the BLING to your everyday life… and create your own striking looks! And it’s safe and easy to use.
● These gems stay on all day until you easily comb them out or peel them off!
● The adhesive works with all hair types and sticks to most materials.
● Ages: 6+
● MSRP: $19.99, Blinger 5 Piece Refill Sparkle Collection - $9.99 (75 gems), Blinger 20 Piece Refill Allure Collection - $29.99 (300 gems)
● Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart


● Introducing Hatchimals biggest surprise yet: Hatchimals WOW! Inside of the largest and first-ever re-hatchable Hatchimals egg, is a Llalacorn excited to meet you!
● Part unicorn, part llama, Hatchimals WOW is the first Hatchimal to express its emotions through movement – with a neck that can magically grow up to 32-inches tall or shrink down on its own, Hatchimals WOW is larger than life!
● Every time you hatch the egg, Llalacorn wakes up in one of 10 surprise moods!
● Out-of-egg you can cuddle with her, feed her, play games or tickle her!
● Hatching only takes five minutes, but your Llalacorn can’t do it without you.
● To hatch, tilt the egg back and forth. When you see rainbow eyes through the shell, your Llalacorn is ready to hatch – she will grow taller until she pushes the egg top off, singing “Hatchy Birthday!”
● With soft and fluffy fabric, a plush snout and expressive eyes, you won’t know if you’re getting a pink or purple Llalacorn until you hatch!
● Discover the unique personality of your Hatchimals WOW as you play with her! Snuggle Llalacorn, and she’ll coo and shrink down to a small size; play music and she’ll grow taller belting out the high note; make her chase her confetti fruit accessory up and down; and tickle her to make her giggle and bob up and down!
● When you’re ready for another hatch, place your Hatchimals WOW back into her egg to hatch again and again!
● Featuring more than 250 sounds and reactions, there’s so much to discover the more you play and care for your Hatchimals WOW! Bring home the ultimate Hatchimals surprise with Hatchimals WOW!
● Ages: 5-7
● MSRP: $79.99
● Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

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