High School's Dress Code Bans Hoodies

Some say ban not easy in cold weather

Parents and students said the cooler weather makes one Garland high school's ban on hooded sweatshirts difficult.

North Garland High School banned hoodies in the new dress code that was implemented at the beginning of the school year. School officials said hooded sweatshirts raise security concerns.

"A lot of times, if someone pulls the hood down, they can intentionally pull the hoodie down and cover up their face, and you won't be able to tell who did what," said school district spokesman Chris Moore.

The dress code allows students to wear hoodies to and from school, but not while they're at school.

Freshman Brean Dennis said her favorite UT Longhorns sweatshirt and other hoodies are gathering dust in her closet.

"It's getting cold, and you should at least bend the rules a little bit during the fall and wintertime," she said.

Parent Monica Culpepper agreed.

"It's getting cooler here, and it's hard to find things without hoodies," she said. "I think it's just ridiculous."

Students said they consider hooded sweatshirts stylish and practical.

"Everything, even the school stuff, has a hoodie on it -- like the football stuff has hoodie on it," student Brandon Jones said.

Students caught with hooded jackets on campus can receive in-school suspension.

There are no plans at this time for the hoodie ban to be implemented district-wide.

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