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Growth to Continue in Fort Worth's Near Southside

Near Southside Inc. said it expects at least 30 businesses and hundreds of people to move to the area

A business and population boom is expected in Fort Worth's Near Southside over the next year, according to a local non-profit.

Near Southside Inc., which is made up of local business owners and community leaders, said over 30 businesses, and hundreds of people, will move to the area in months to come.

"What we are working towards is making the most out of those inherent assets while also attracting new investment," Mike Brennan, president of Near Southside Inc., said.

In recent years, road and infrastructure work has paved the way for the growth. Old buildings dating back to the first half of the 20th century are being renovated, not torn down, and will make up much of the area's backbone.

"These are buildings that are early-20th century, that are essential to the character of South Main Village," Brennan said.

Among the new businesses to move in over the past two years is HopFusion Ale Works brewery, founded and co-owned by neighborhood resident Macy Moore.

"I don't think there is any other place in Fort Worth that is like this," Moore said.

Some have compared the construction boom to that of Fort Worth's West 7th Street, but Moore and others disagree.

"I don't see a comparison to West 7th," Brennan said.

A wider focus on not just nightlife, but restaurants, entertainment and small business is one area where Brennan believes the new Near Southside will be different. Moore and other business owners said they looked forward to being a part of the area's evolution.

"I think the spirit of here and the community of here is always going to be here," Moore said.

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