Lake Grapevine.

Grapevine Flooding Means More Work for Firefighters

First responders in Grapevine have a "plan B" to respond to emergency calls in areas still affected by flood waters and roads still damaged from the recent flooding.

Wednesday's rainfall will keep many roads closed for even longer.

"We were just so close to being able to open up a few roads around our lake and our park area, and this rain event most likely will just keep them closed for a period longer," said Grapevine Fire Chief Darrell Brown.

Half a dozen roads in Grapevine remain closed because of high water, including Dove Road at Silvercrest Lane, right next to Fire Station 2.

"Dove Road is a main. It is a major closure, and it is a major thoroughfare for us," said Brown. "And for thousands of commuters every day."

"When Dove Road closed with water over it, we adjusted our response schedule," Brown added. "If this fire engine has to go somewhere, we pull in another and back into this district just so we can be sure that we don't have an extended response time."

The road has been closed since late May.

Lake Grapevine is expected to rise another foot by the weekend.

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