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Grand Prairie Police Officer Surprised by Wife Home From Deployment

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A Grand Prairie Police Officer got a surprise Wednesday that nearly left him speechless. And his fellow officers were in on it.

At the Grand Prairie Police headquarters, officer Edgar Molina finally embraced his wife Viviana Molina after six months apart. But it was a moment he didn’t see coming.

Just before the surprise meeting, he had been briefed for what he thought was a press conference about National Night Out. Because it’s a well-known campaign, Molina didn’t think much of the camera presence and reporters who’d gathered to hear him speak.

What he didn’t know was that his wife, Air Force Senior Master Sgt Viviana Molina was back home from deployment three days earlier than he’s expected. And she had already snuck into the police station and was hiding on the second floor.

“They said ‘hey pack your bags you’re leaving in three days’ and I said perfect,” said SMSgt Molina. “I called our friend Clint, and I said Clint can you help me surprise Edgar.”

For six months they’d been separated, with officer Molina home with their three children, and SMSgt Molina in Iraq. Throughout their 15-year marriage, both have served in the Armed Forces and have been deployed. Viviana Molina has also served as an officer in the Grand Prairie Police Department. So, officer Molina said he found it odd when his wife didn’t seem to have details in order for her return. But she said the confusion was all a part of the surprise.

“So, for the past few days, I’ve been trying to get a hold and say, ‘hey what’s your status, what’s going on?’ And she would say ‘well I’m scheduled to go on Saturday’ I’d say, ‘ok I’ll plan for Saturday,’” said officer Molina. “And I’d be like ok well call me when you get a chance and a lot of times, she wouldn’t call me back or she would just text me. I would get so frustrated like man it’s not like her to do that.”

As officer Molina addressed the media about National Night Out, SMSgt Molina snuck down the stairs behind him and tapped on her husband’s arm. He turned with a shocked look on his face, they embraced for the first time in months.

“I’m very surprised. I wasn’t really expecting this at all,” said Molina.

Viviana Molina said the three-day trek back home was worth this moment.

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