Gov. Abbott Launches Attack Website Against Gubernatorial Challenger Lupe Valdez

Primary runoff May 22 to decide Democratic challenger for Texas governor

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott launched a website Thursday attacking gubernatorial challenger Lupe Valdez, saying the former Dallas County Sheriff is "too liberal for Texas" and that she aims to turn the Lone Star State into a "liberal sanctuary" like California.

Abbott's campaign said the anti-Valdez website will feature her "far-left" liberal positions and will be updated through the November election.

“Under Governor Abbott’s leadership, the economy is booming in Texas, wages are rising and there is record-low unemployment,” said Texans for Greg Abbott Campaign Manager John Jackson. “Lupe Valdez and her far-left positions would undo all of this. From now until Election Day, our campaign will inform voters how detrimental Valdez and her views would be to the state of Texas.”

Valdez, whose campaign website can be seen here, responded via news release Thursday saying,

"I’m a proud Texan. I was born here, went to Texas public schools, am a veteran, and a former Texas Sheriff. I know first hand the importance of looking out for all Texans not just corporations and well connected CEOs. The New Texas that I'm fighting for is one where all Texans have opportunities to succeed. There is nothing too liberal about that."

Abbott's campaign said Valdez was the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, though the primary runoff against challenger Andrew White isn't until Tuesday, May 22.

Valdez and White have agreed to one debate, which will be held Friday at 7 p.m. at St. James Episcopal Church in Austin. The debate will be moderated by Gromer Jeffers, co-host of NBC 5's Lone Star Politics and a political writer for The Dallas Morning News.

The Valdez-White debate will not be broadcast on television but will be broadcast online.

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