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Get the Same Item for a Different Price Using Image Search

It's so easy these days to compare prices online and find a better deal somewhere else. But there's a little secret you may not know that could save you big bucks.

Sometimes the same product has several different names, and Google Image Search can really pay off.

We first found a dining set on Joss and Main for $399.99. Google Image Search shows a set with the same photo on sale on Wayfair for $363. It had a different name, but the same photo.

Walmart even had it online for $348 with yet another name.

In a different case, we found a sofa listed for $259.99 on Birch Lane.

We found the same image down for $241 on Wayfair but found it even cheaper still on Joss and Main at just under $230.

Joss and Main, Wayfair and Birch Lane are all owned by the same company.

Retail expert Nicole Reyhle explains that companies get one product and might adjust the price differently across its different brands. They may even change the names just in case you comparison shop, even though many of us don't.

"We are influenced by a variety of factors, and that influence ultimately drives us to purchase," Reyhle said.

The companies know that too, and might show you an advertisement at another one of their brands at the lower price to make you jump up and buy.

"As a consumer, if you look for something and then you wait, you typically will find something pop up in the near future that often drives the price lower than what you originally saw it, because that's their call to action for you to hit purchase," Reyhle said.

If you ditch the words and search the photos, it's a quick and easy way to get the same item with a different name for a lot less.

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