Fort Worth’s All Western Parade an Annual Hit

“Welcome to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo All Western Parade,” announced NBC 5 Today anchor Marc Fein to the crowd of tens of thousands.  Many responded in unison with a loud, “Yee Haw!”

Then horse owners and riders from all over Texas and parts of Mexico took to the street for the All Western Parade.  No trucks.  No motorized anything.  That’s a big part of the draw.
"It's a amazing I feel like it's the only one that I know of that is like this,” said Valerie Gallagher of Frisco.  “It's pretty cool.  It takes it back."
"We like to come over here and see these bands and enjoy this nice parade and nice people here and everything's exciting about the parade,” added Daniel Contreras of Joshua.
Marching bands, carriages, covered wagons and buggies made their way down Main.  Lots of culture and diversity throughout.  A few folks had miniature horses in the parade including Arlington High Junior Olivia Reynolds and her horse Peter Pan of Neverland.  Reynolds got the horse from her aunt five years ago.  This is their second year in the parade.
"I just like seeing his reaction to everyone around him, when everyone starts cheering he gets all prancy,” said Reynolds with a giggle.
It didn’t take an expert to point out how perfect the weather was and that’s good because the NBC 5 Meteorologists were busy riding in the parade waving to the crowd in the NBC 5 Weather Expert Stagecoach.  Not a bad gig.
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