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Fort Worth Woman Spreads ‘Kindness' Through Love of Baking

LeeAnn Turner recently gave away her 100th loaf of bread

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Like a lot of people, LeeAnn Turner started baking sourdough bread at the start of the pandemic. She never stopped.

"Let's just say Amazon sends me about 30 pounds of flour a month," Turner laughed. "That's my problem. I like all of the bread."

She's made standard sourdough, white chocolate/blueberry sourdough, hatch chili/cheddar sourdough and more. The bread doesn't stay in her kitchen long. Turner has given it away to friends, family, neighbors and people she doesn't even know.

"Just the joy that I've received from doing it, from giving it away, has kind of become an addiction," Turner said.

She recently gave away her 100th loaf -- and counting. All of them have a label that reads "Bee a Blessing." It's a play on a nickname her husband gave her: Honeybee.

"When we do something kind for someone else, we end up being the recipients of that blessing in the end," Turner said. "If we can just get back to the basics of loving each other and spreading some kindness. Gosh! Is it going to fix everything? No, but it's going to be a start."

Turner said baking bread has reminded her of some important lessons of faith: it's better to give than to receive, and patience.

"We live in a society where we want things to happen like this," Turner said as she snapped her fingers.

She pointed out there are no shortcuts making sourdough bread.

"This has been such a great reminder that there's always work being done in the background, even if we can't see it," she said.

Turner said she hoped her bread giveaways would inspire others to do what they can to brighten other people's days.

"Just spreading that kindness," Turner said. "We need a lot of that."

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