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Fort Worth Woman Spends 150 Tuesdays Helping Homeless

As North Texas is bracing for the bitter cold to return, those who work with area homeless are worried it may catch some on the streets off-guard.

Heather Dixon runs a ministry called "Love and Light Ministries." Every Tuesday night, Dixon and a small army of volunteers spread out to help those in need.

Dixon says donations peak right before Christmas but things drop off in the months ahead, when the need is just as great.

The group has hit the same four spots around Fort Worth for the past 150 Tuesdays. They hand out warm clothes, hot food and special requests, like a size 8 women's shoe.

"She's a wonderful lady,” said one grateful recipient. “She's been doing this for a long time and it helps the people tremendously."

For Dixon, it's personal. She sees herself in every tired face.

"I had a pretty rough background, bounced around as a kid before I was 12," Dixon said.

By 15, she had moved out and landed on the streets. When she finally won her life back, she knew what was next.

"I know that I was called to love people and that's what I want to do and I don't care how they look and I don't care how they smell and I don't care about their pasts," Dixon said.

Now with another cold front coming, Dixon is worried. She knows she can't reach everyone.

"You just find out that they passed away in their tent because they were too cold,” Dixon said. “Then you wonder who was the last person that spoke to them and did they love on them?"

So on this Tuesday night, she's laying on the love as thick as any blanket.

Dixon and her volunteers serve up to 250 homeless people every Tuesday night. If you would like to help, CLICK HERE.

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