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Fort Worth Residents Ask for Changes to Dangerous Intersection

Families who live in south Fort Worth have been asking for the city's help for months with a dangerous intersection near the entrance to their neighborhood. [[397580341,C]]

Residents said the intersection of Oak Grove Road and Garden Acres Drive is a hassle.

"People are always speeding down the street," Sarah Shaw said. "The sign says 30, but they will go 75 mph."

There are two other traffic signs on the corner that are easily hidden because of overgrown trees.

"I think the city should just cut down the trees around the signs and maybe widen the road," Shaw said.

In the last year, residents say they have seen six crashes on the corner, including two drivers crashing through fences within the last three months.

"We're scared for our two little boys. We don't want them playing in the front yard because we don't know whether another car will crash into the tree or into our house," a resident said. "We've called the city of Fort Worth several times. A case worker said they would come out and assess the street and what they could do, but no one has come out."

Families witnessed the result of a deadly crash two weeks ago when a motorcyclist was hit by a driver. Residents would like a metal guard-rail put up on the corner with reflectors to protect their homes.

The City of Fort Worth has not yet responded to requests for a comment.

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