Girl Calls 911, Helps Save Baby Brother's Life

14-month-old boy falls In pool, nearly drowns

A 9-year-old Fort Worth girl said she knew just what to do when her baby brother fell into the family's backyard pool in the 6800 block of Loma Vista Drive.

"I knew that my brother was hurt," Paige Johnson said. "And whenever people are hurt, that's the right time to call 911."

Her brother, Preston Johnson, is 14-months-old, and is already moving pretty fast.  After he somehow got outside on the morning of March 12, Preston's mother heard a big splash.

"I came out and found him face up in the pool. I jumped in (and) got him out," Chasidi Johnson said.

Then Preston's big sister jumped into action.
"Whenever momma said 'Oh my God, he splashed in the pool', I dropped the skateboard, ran over there and saw Preston in her arms."

Paige ran into the next room, picked up the phone, and called 911. After she handed the phone to her mother, paramedics instructed Preston's mother on the proper way to perform CPR until help arrived.

"I know CPR," said Preston's mother. "But he's so small and so tiny, and I'm so frantic at the time, that without having the instructions I don't know that I would have done everything properly."

Preston was breathing on his own by the time paramedics arrived at the home. That night, Preston's father built a fence outside the back door to keep the baby away from the pool.

This past weekend, MedStar paramedics met with the family to check up on Preston and congratulate Paige. She also got a special plaque, and took a ride on a fire truck. 

"I'm proud of myself," Paige said. "And I'm also proud of my brother because he got through a big accident. I'm also proud of myself because I actually never thought I could get to the phone that fast."

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