Former Arlington Police Officer Indicted By Grand Jury for Shooting and Killing a Woman

Tarrant County Grand Jury returned an indictment charge of criminally negligent homicide against Ravi Singh

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Troy Brooks is the father of Margarita Brooks who was shot and killed by a former Arlington police officer Ravi Singh.

"We are far from closure,” Troy Brooks said. “That's going to take a while. But it does offer some hope that the system may work."

In August of 2019, Singh was dispatched to a welfare call regarding 30-year-old Margarita Brooks.

According to police as Singh approached the area when her dog began barking and running toward him. Singh retreated, pulled out his gun and fired several shots toward the dog.

Brooks was hit in the chest and died later at the hospital.

Since her death, it hasn't been easy for her father or her three young children.

"It breaks your heart when the kids ask for their mom and you think that is the worst thing, but it breaks your heart even worse when they quit asking because now it's set in for them," Brooks said.

A Tarrant County Grand Jury returned an indictment charge of criminally negligent homicide against Singh.

The Brooks’ family civil attorney Lee Merritt is glad to see the indictment.

"We're grateful the Tarrant County Grand Jury saw it that way,” attorney Lee Merritt said. “We're hoping that the subsequent trial will confirm it."     

Brooks said he was hoping for a manslaughter charge. But he's glad the process is moving forward.

"I still have three little kids I have to explain why this was allowed to happen and no one would be punished for that,” Brooks said. “So hopefully this will give them an answer. My biggest hope is that we can finally start holding officers accountable."

The Arlington Police Department had no comment on the indictment of the former officer.

Singh resigned two months after the shooting.

There's no record of an attorney for him in connection with this case.

We have not been able to find any phone numbers listed for the officer either.

Merritt said their civil case is prepared, but the family is waiting to see what comes out of the criminal case before they move forward with it.

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