North Texas

Flooded Areas Near Lakes Cause Closures, Frustrations

Lakes and waterways across North Texas are bursting at the banks because of rising lake levels due to torrential rainfall.

"Benbrook, Eagle Mountain, Lake Worth -- everything is flooded. I got my boat out two weeks ago, thank goodness. Otherwise it would be trapped in the marina," Ross Williamson of Fort Worth said. "I figured it would be a little high, but I didn’t think it would be this high. It’s been a few years since it has been this high."

Williamson tried a little "parking lot fishing" from the flooded areas around the Oasis Restaurant on Joe Pool Lake.

"There are folks that have luck at it. It depends on the spot and the lake levels. The fish just go around wherever -- so you might get a bass or two in the parking lot," Williamson laughed. "It’s more of an adventure than an actual fishing trip."

Parks, campgrounds and marinas have been forced to close due to flooding and businesses like the Oasis restaurant have been cut off from customers by flood waters.

"[It is] extremely frustrating. We’ve got Memorial Day coming up here in a few weeks," Williamson said. "It’s going to be tough to get on the water, with lake levels like this."

No telling when the lake water will recede.

"Hopefully a couple of weeks. With everything being flooded downstream, they can’t really open it up and let water out," Williamson said. "We’re probably going to be over flood-full for a while so they are going to be lucky to have it open for Memorial Day Weekend."

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