5 Ways To Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

There's a chance flying first class will save you more in the long run

Whether you're traveling domestically or abroad, baggage fees have become much harder to avoid.

As more airlines fight to win customers over with lower fares, the cost of checking a bag isn't as generous.

But NBC 5 Responds is all about saving money, so here's your guide to avoid baggage fees on your upcoming spring break trip.

Freeload on the freebies

Child car seats and strollers can be checked at no additional cost to travelers. Before you zip them up in their travel bags, pack some items inside like diapers, beach towels or lightweight clothing. That'll help free up a lot of space in your luggage, and could help you save some extra cash.

Pack your heaviest items in your carry on bag

The luggage you bring on board typically isn't weighed at the gate. This will allow you lighten the load inside your checked bag and stay within the 50 pound limit.

Wear your luggage

We know, you're probably going to a warm, tropical island! But the plane ride can get a little nippy, so don't be afraid to layer up. If you have a jacket with multiple pockets, pack those full and wear it. If you get too warm in the jacket, you can always stow it once you get settled on the plane.

Consider flying first class on certain flights

We know what you're thinking: first class means more money. But if you expect to bring a lot of bags, flying first class — which could include waived fees for checked bags — might be the same price as flying coach and paying for all that luggage. So, if the price comes out to be the same, you may as well fly in style.

Sign up for an airline's credit card

If you're faithful to one airline, consider signing up for that airline's credit card. Many carriers will waive the baggage fees for airline cardholders and companions.

Choose your airline wisely

According to farecompare.com, Dallas-based Southwest is the only airline that checks not one, but two bags at no cost.

If you're traveling for spring break and want to know how much your luggage is going to cost you, click here.

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