Fieldhouse Gunman Aimed Weapon at a Coach Before Shooting, Witness Says

At least two shots were fired inside the facility where summer camps were being held Monday

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Shattered glass and scattered belongings remained 24 hours after a gunman opened fire inside the Duncanville Fieldhouse. The facility was packed with children attending summer camp when a gunman opened fire inside.

Diana Vasquez was in the lobby dropping off her twins Monday morning when she saw a coach approach a man about smoking a cigarette inside.

Vasquez said the coach asked the man to take the smoking outside.

“The guy then, I guess, grabs his weapon and the coach sees [it] and so he says ‘You have a weapon on you?' And he says, ‘Yes, you wanna see?’ And he pulls it out. Turns on the laser and he aims it at the coach,” said Vasquez.

Police said the gunman, identified Tuesday by Duncanville police, fired at least twice – once in the lobby and once at a glass door with 40 children and staffers on the other side.

Vasquez ran and shielded her two sons in another room. She remained on the phone with 911 until officers arrived and killed the gunman.

Incredibly, no staffers or children were injured.

“I walked out the door with so much gratitude for life yesterday,” Vasquez said.

The mother is now struggling to navigate her family through the trauma.

“One of my sons was terrified. He didn’t want to go to camp today and I didn’t make him. But my other son wanted to go and I wanted it to be as normal as possible for him, ya know,” Vasquez said. “I reassured him that is not normal, ya know – not something that happens or not suppose to happen every day.”

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