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Family of Wolfe City Man Calls for Identification, Arrest of Officer

Wolfe City police say one of their officers was involved in a shooting Saturday night

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The family of Jonathan Price on Monday called for the identification and arrest of the Wolfe City police officer they say shot and killed Price on Saturday. According to his family, Price was trying to break up a domestic disagreement.

"We want the officer officially named, identified and arrested,” family spokesman Lee Merritt said.

Price’s father told reporters about the moment he arrived at the crime scene, only minutes after his son had been shot.

“I came up here and seen my son laying there, fighting for his life,” Junior Price said.

It was then that Price said he exchanged words with the officer who fired the fatal shots.

“'Who shot Jonathan?' He said, ‘I did.'" Price said. "I said, 'What you shoot him for?'"

Thus far, neither Wolfe City nor its police department are speaking publicly. The Texas Rangers, who are handling the investigation, issued the following statement through the Texas Department of Public Safety.

At the request of the Wolfe City Police Department, Texas Rangers have been requested to investigate an officer-involved shooting. The incident is under investigation and no additional information is currently available.”

Meanwhile, in Wolfe City and across the region, outrage over the shooting is growing. Many of Price’s close friends took to social media and called the shooting unjust.

“It definitely outrages me, I’m furious over it,” childhood friend Case Roundtree said. “Jonathan was a very good guy and I strongly believe this police officer was the opposite.”

Monday, mourners held attended a candlelight vigil in Price’s memory. They said they wanted justice – and that it starts with answers from the police department.

Monday, mourners held attended a candlelight vigil in Price's memory. They said they wanted justice – and that it starts with answers from the police department.

“He was a good man,” Price's cousin Terrence Wright said. “He was a good role model. He was a good person.”

At dusk, people gathered just feet away from the spot where Price was shot. His mother looked on -- visibly shaken by the loss. Merritt said the anger is justified.

“I was talking to this mother and I was speaking with this family and I began to get angry and I began to feel bad because Jonathan was loved,” he said.

As the sun set, close friends and acquaintances stood in a show of solidarity, candles raised, for someone they said was a kind and familiar face in the community.

“We can address this broken system in America. We can address this situation,” activist and organizer Dominique Alexander said.

A Wolfe City police officer is on administrative leave after a shooting Saturday, according to the city.
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