Escaped Steer Leads Weatherford Police on Chase for Nearly Two Hours

A steer that escaped from a Weatherford butcher shop and led police on a nearly two-hour pursut Thursday morning is now being put out to pasture.

The animal escaped from Hamilton Meats located on Clear Lake Drive and then started galloping into traffic in the 1400 block of Santa Fe Drive, according to police.

It led officers and Animal Control crews on a chase through town, and at one point ran into a police patrol car.

Weatherford Police Department
A Weatherford police car was damaged by a steer that was on the loose, on February 3, 2017. (To see a larger version, click on the image.)

An officer was parked, trying to keep the animal from going into traffic on Martin Drive, when the steer rammed the driver's side door. The officer was not hurt, but the car was damaged.

The steer kept officers at bay for almost two hours before two cowboys on horseback came to the officers' aid.

The cowboys were able to rope the animal on South Main Street.

No other damage was done and no one was hurt, including the horses involved.

The steer was taken back to Hamilton Meats.

The company said the steer will not be processed at this time, because it's too stressed from its trot around town.

The steer is going on vacation for now to a ranch in De Leon, located in Comanche County, to recuperate.

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