Emotions Run High in Teacher Hit-and-Run Trial

The trial is underway for a middle school teacher who allegedly ran a red light and killed a child who was crossing the street in Grand Prairie.

Defense lawyers for 54-year-old Tammy Lowe pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and guilty to failure to stop and render aid.

In January 2013, Lowe turned herself in, admitting to being behind the wheel of a vehicle that struck and killed 6-year-old John Paul Raidy.

Since Tuesday morning, a number of witnesses took the stand, including the boy's very emotional mother.

Through her tears, she recounted what happened moments leading up to her son's tragic death. She said they were walking together on the crosswalk during a green light.

“The hand started flashing, and I told John, I told him that we had to hurry, then he started running faster, then I heard the horn,” said Lauren Raidy. “I saw brakes and I was running towards the car, and I didn't see John anywhere and the car kept going and I saw John laying on the ground.”

Lowe sat quietly while multiple witnesses took the stand, describing the scene and in one instance being challenged by the defense attorney on her account.

During a break, Raidy's grandmother addressed the media, saying this trial is long overdue.

“I know for a fact our family, my daughter, she needs to be able to move on. And she can't while this has been hanging over her head,” said Anita Raidy Eads.

She said she looked forward to justice being served soon and plans to create a charity in his memory.

“We just want to turn this into something good and help people. Especially doing what John was talking about and bring glory to God,” said Eads.

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