Embattled McKinney City Council Member Responds to Recall Efforts

A recall petition for La'Shadion Shemwell was approved in November

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For the first time since the announcement of a recall petition, embattled city councilman La’Shadion Shemwell is speaking out in response to those who want him gone.

Shemwell said it was the community that encouraged him to take on the position he has now.

“They said, 'If you want to make change in this city, run for city council.' That’s how things go,” Shemwell said.

So, he ran. And he won. Now, some two years later, after several controversial events, some McKinney residents want him out.

“People are not upset with something that I’ve done, but upset that I had something to say that doesn’t align with their opinions,” he said.

An affidavit and petition to recall La’Shadion Shemwell was authorized by the city. The claims are that Shemwll violated his oath of office and made incendiary comments about policing and city government.

In October, Shemwell called for a “Black State of Emergency” in Texas following officer involved shootings.

It was a move that critics called too extreme.

“I’m not going to shy away from having uncomfortable conversations,” Shemwell said. “As far as the proclamation being too extreme, what do you expect me to do when I see people that look like me dying daily across this country.”

But McKinney Mayor George Fuller said the proclamation has only worked to stoke division.

“The loser is the city of McKinney, because you’re indicting a city very unjustly and you’re doing that to supposedly bring attention to another injustice,” Fuller said.

A little more than 2,100 signatures are needed for the recall to move forward.

Faced with being ousted, Shemwell said he’ll continue to fight for marginalized communities and, looking back, there’s nothing he would have done differently.

“Whether it’s me or the next person that speaks out against the system of injustice who is railroaded out of their seat, this is bigger than me,” he said. “I’m prepared to be ousted if that’s what it takes, but I’m going to fight every day of my life.”

Shemwell said he planned to host a town hall meeting Monday to answer questions from the community.

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