East Dallas Residents Say Mailboxes Sit Empty Far Too Often

As the flurry of holiday packages and Christmas cards make their way to homes across the country, people living in one east Dallas neighborhood say their mailboxes sit empty.

In Casa View, dozens of homeowners say mail often goes undelivered. For some, mailboxes sit empty two to three days. Others say, it's been up to six.

"Your bills may not show up on time," said resident Clara Gilbert.

Gilbert says she's faced ongoing issues on Cotillion Drive with the U.S. Postal Service for the past several months.

"I get angry about it. We've called the major post office before at the 800 number. They say we've got a rap sheet, because it's constant. It's all the time that something's happening in the neighborhood," Gilbert said.

Across the street, one of Gilbert's neighbors has missed several rounds of coupon circulars. She says it made grocery shopping on a fixed income tougher than it needed to be. Meanwhile, Gilbert found her own letter discarded in a neighbor's yard down the street.

Several miles away, Shirley Thurman waited a week for mail to be picked up at her office job.

"They'll call me, 'Where's my invoice? Or did you receive my check?' 'No, ma'am not yet, but we're having mail issues,'" Thurman said. 

Last week, Thurman said mail wasn't picked up from a office on Samuell Boulevard on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Then the Thanksgiving holiday rolled in, meaning they went a full week without service.

In a statement, USPS said, "The goal of the U.S. Postal Service is to provide the best possible experience for our valued customers. We sincerely apologize for any service issues that customers in the Casa View area may have experienced. Local postal management is working to resolve any service issues brought to our attention. This is being accomplished by increasing staffing and enhancing training activities, especially for new employees."

USPS encourages customers with delivery concerns to reach out to their local post office of by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS or by visiting usps.com/help.

Customers can also now monitor USPS service through the Informed Delivery feature, which is found by clicking here.

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