Alleged Drunken Man Wanders on DFW Airport Tarmac

An alleged drunken passenger was able to make it on the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport tarmac without anyone noticing him on Wednesday.

Airport officials are investigating how the security breach happened.

Investigators said construction workers noticed 29-year-old David Bohanan, from Corpus Christi, walking around on the tarmac carrying two bags and not wearing a badge.

When they approached him, he appeared lost or confused and then told workers a baggage handler had instructed him to follow him.

The employees called security who arrested Bohanan for public intoxication.

DFW Airport official, David Magana, said they don’t believe Bohanan posed any risk to passengers.

“Keep in mind the customer was already screened. He was a screened passenger so he had passed through a checkpoint within the airport system,” Magana explained.

Upon further investigation, Magana said officers believe Bohanan slipped passed a barricade into a restaurant that was closed.

From there he pushed his way through a fire escape door, that did not sound and wandered onto the tarmac.

“This happened after hours - that’s not an excuse - I’m just saying it happened after hours and there’s a lot less people around to protect against that door being open and that kind of thing,” Magana said.

Magana said the door that didn’t sound has since been fixed and others are under investigation.

Still the question remains, how no one spotted Bohanan before making his way to the tarmac.

“It is a concern he made it on to the aircraft operations area," Magana said. "Clearly that shouldn’t have happened and we're clearly going to look at that and look at opportunities to improve because that shouldn't happen. Especially for a person in the condition he was in.” 

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